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Thanksgiving and black Friday, I got dumped, political fights with my brothers, Christmas decorations, dressing your dog, Christmas cards and my dad at the black barber shops.
San Diego weather, country music, Vons, Christmas stuff out already, Ivanka and Don Jr, Mexicans on the beach, shopping for food and No Country For Old Men.
Veterans Day, Trumpety, Trump-Trump, Blame it on the night, gas station food, the Captain and more.
Pumpkins, weirdo clown attacks, Tyra Banks, dude’s outside 7-11, candy corn, The IRS and more…
Mysterious stains on your clothes, lids at 7-11, Sia, my waning interest in fantasy football, Forest Gump’s not for kids, $4o at the pumpkin patch, Sia scares the crap outa me, halloween
Taking someone down a notch, making someone crazy, tackle football, my bro the film maker, the last debate, happy meals.
The looney that climbed Trump Tower, I’m going through a “U-Boat” phase, It’s hot, Procrastinating.
I’m back, B-Rob is IN TOWN!!! It’s just awesomeness!!